How to add your Free WordPress account to Google,bing and Yahoo

October 23, 2009

Since there is a lot of people asking for adding free wordpress account to the top search engines such as Google,bing and yahoo, and there was a problem cause we don’t have an access to FTP to upload the verification file and we cant edit the html to add meta tag, and the old method was not working cause the Google changes the method of verification .

Now wordpress came with new solution for add your wordpress to the top search engines (Thats why i love wordpress) , the solution is essay just follow the steps :

  1. Go to the Tools
  2. now go to Webmaster Verification Tool and follow the steps .

That is all and thanks to wordpress .


Using Twitter More Effectively

November 26, 2008

Some bloggers use Twitter to promote their blogs, or use it separately in order to gain more followers.  However, majority of them don’t effectively use the service for what it was intended, so here are a few tips on how to effectively manage using Twitter.

  1. Ask your readers to follow your tweets either via your email newsletter, or an invitation text & link on your blog.
  2. Use WordPress plugins like TwitterTools to update your tweets on your blog.
  3. Participate in the communities within your niche which will naturally draw followers to you. Define your target niche, and eliminate the rest. Follow less but targeted people.
  4. Don’t be too noisy. Keep the noise down. Do not follow noisy people, just purge those people.
  5. Star your favorite tweets. This will help you to save them for future use.
  6. Watch Tao of Twitter by Ed Dale.
  7. Prefer easy to use twittering tools like Twshot or TwitterFox
  8. Your Twitter feed is also available as an RSS feed. Check the bottom of your Twitter homepage, and you will notice your Twitter RSS feed. Get your Twitter RSS feed, and send it to RSS directories.
  9. Customize your Twitter background image. Look at mine: Mert Erkal. It is not so difficult. Believe me it is worth spending your time. Do not forget to publish your blog’s logo and URL for branding.
  10. Integrate your Twitter updates with Facebook using TwitterSync. This little application will publish your latest tweet as your Facebook status.
  11. If you have time, I suggest you to take a look at Caroline Middlebrook’s Twitter Guide.

How do you use Twitter? Please share your best practices with me.