Untiny your URLs from Command Line with Python Script

November 12, 2011

Firstly if you don’t know what is untiny watch this video

and Now Untiny the shorten URLs from command line in Linux ( from the terminal).

here is a python script to untiny shorten URLs using untiny API which is available under this service Untiny.me

here the script (you can download it and use it in your system to insure that there is no viruses or malicious software under this link

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ًWhat do you know about Untiny

October 16, 2009

Most of us know the popular shorten URL  service such as Tiny URL, bit.ly, is.gd URLetc , but what you will do if you want to vice versa, the solution is Untiny .


Untiny is a service developed by Saleh Al-Zaid which is a software engineer as he said ” The main reason of Untiny is that some of the tiny services are blocked in some countries although the original long URL is not blocked. Untiny retrieves the original URL so you can access it – if it is not blocked too. ”  also Untiny supports the most  shorten url services, and since now Untiny have some Add-on and also there is API for the developers.

It is a really a great service .