what an amazing service from google ( Google Wallet)

January 1, 2012

really is an amazing service … Google wallet .. no need to carry the normal wallet

watch the video …

really nice that is way we love Google always brings new amazing services.


Google Instant .. Fantastic

September 9, 2010

Google instant new enhancement shows you the search result while  you r typing …

1- Here how to put the instant search on or off (  normal search )

instant search on

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Google Chrome Speed Tests [Watch it out]

June 4, 2010

These speed tests were filmed at actual web page rendering times. Watch the video

Equipment used:
– Computer: MacBook Pro laptop with Windows installed
– Monitor – 24″ Asus: We had to replace the standard fluorescent backlight with very large tungsten fixtures to funnel in more light to capture the screen. In addition, we flipped the monitor 180 degrees to eliminate a shadow from the driver board and set the system preferences on the computer to rotate 180 degrees. No special software was used in this process.
– Camera: Phantom v640 High Speed Camera at 1920 x 1080, films up to 2700 fps

watch this video to see how they make it : Behind the scenes

I hope you enjoy it : To download chrome click here

To read more about chrome  :

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome
  2. http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/

Google celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with playable logo

May 22, 2010
PC_MAN 30th Anniversary

PC_MAN 30th Anniversary

21 May 2010 Google is celeating the 30th anniversery of PacMan with a playable logo on its home page.

A playable … logo? That’s exactly what web giant Google has today, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man‘s Japanese release. The doodle (Google’s term for its event and holiday-specific logos) is accessible on its main page and is a full 255-level game complete with a 256th level “kill screen,” just like the original coin-op.

The interactive doodle — a first for Google — is the brainchild of senior user experience designer Marcin Wichary, whose earliest exposure to Pac-Man came at age five while traveling across his native Poland with his father, a game technician, to repair arcade machines. Wichary worked with Google doodler (yes, it’s a real job) Ryan Germick to create the finished design.

So, for today at least, you can tell your boss: “I may be browsing the web and playing a game, but I’m also being part of something historic.”

For more about Pac-Man Game :

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man
  2. http://pacman.com/en/

Great Gmail Tricks

October 31, 2009

Haven’t ever taken the time to explore Gmail enhancements? It’s long since grown from its day of launch, with more updates than ever before (see there here). Here are some of the best and latest:

Keep track of your to-dos with a click of a button. Just type in your new tasks, set your due dates, and check ‘em off when you’re done, no matter if you access it from your phone or computer.

Navigate with ease and a little know-how. Set your keyboard commands by clicking Settings at the top of your page, then Keyboard shortcuts onand then Save Changes. What does this mean? Just press C to compose mail, R to reply, # to delete, and the list goes on.

Coloured labels
When arranged by colour, each label is easier to find and sort. To apply a colour to a category, simply click the color swatch next to each label.

Befriend the bookmark
Have all your emails within reach using Gmails unique URLs. You can bookmark a message with an appointment or to-do item unrelated to Gmail, or directions to that upcoming wedding in the next city. Like all bookmarks, you can access the message/URL in just one click.

How to add your Free WordPress account to Google,bing and Yahoo

October 23, 2009

Since there is a lot of people asking for adding free wordpress account to the top search engines such as Google,bing and yahoo, and there was a problem cause we don’t have an access to FTP to upload the verification file and we cant edit the html to add meta tag, and the old method was not working cause the Google changes the method of verification .

Now wordpress came with new solution for add your wordpress to the top search engines (Thats why i love wordpress) , the solution is essay just follow the steps :

  1. Go to the Tools
  2. now go to Webmaster Verification Tool and follow the steps .

That is all and thanks to wordpress .

Seven Ways to Better PHP Code

November 26, 2008

Seven ways to make your PHP code more better and better 

Just wacth the vedio and give your comment .