How domain names are deleted

December 11, 2008

Ever wonder how a domain name gets deleted or “dropped”? The domain drop process is long and arduous and there are many steps involved. Here’s how the process works:

  • After a domain name expires it enters an on-hold period. The domain name owner is allowed to renew the domain at any point during this time frame. Depending on the registrar, the on-hold period can last anywhere between 1 and 45 days.
  • Next comes the grace period. The domain owner is still able to reclaim the domain during this time, but will usually pay a hefty recovery penalty or fee to do so. The grace period usually lasts 30 days, but again, this depends on the registrar.
  • After a domain name bows out of the grace period, the owner has no chance to re-register or re-acquire it. The domain is marked as pending deletion and will be available to the public for registration within 5 days.
  • The domain is now free to be registered by anyone through a domain name registrar.

So how do everyday people find deleted domain names, dropped domain names and expired domain names? By using a deleted domain search service such as! Deleted Domains allows users to search through the latest lists of on-hold domains and deleted domains. The lists are updated daily and the site also provides an extensive search option and daily email alerts for domain keywords.

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