what an amazing service from google ( Google Wallet)

January 1, 2012

really is an amazing service … Google wallet .. no need to carry the normal wallet

watch the video …

really nice that is way we love Google always brings new amazing services.


Extending Facebook Share

October 27, 2009

Each week, users share more than 2 billion pieces of content on Facebook, and most of that sharing is facilitated by Facebook Share buttons across the Web, on websites like YouTube, Wall Street Journal, and Photobucket. With just a few lines of code,Facebook Share is the simplest Facebook Connect, feature you can add to a website. Today we’re making the sharing experience on Facebook and off even richer by launching the next version of Facebook Share, with a live counter, as well as new ways to measure how content is being shared on Facebook.

Enabling Users to Share Content More Easily
Once you’ve added the Share button to your website, your visitors can share articles and rich media like video, audio, or images with their friends on Facebook. To make this sharing more interactive, we’ve added new functionality to show a live count of the number of times the current URL has been shared. Check out the new version of Share live now on The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed, as well as RTP from Portugal, Spanish football club Barcelona, and German news magazine Stern.de.


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Facebook : Suggestions for Helping Friends

October 24, 2009

Do you know any friends that could use a little help on Facebook? For example, maybe they recently joined the site and are having trouble finding their friends. Or maybe they’ve been on the site for awhile but never completely filled out their profiles or uploaded a profile picture.

Today, we’re introducing new Suggestions in the right-hand corner of your home page so you can easily help those friends. Facebook is only useful and relevant if you can connect with friends that matter to you, and so we already use this space to show you other people that you may know and want to share with. Now you also will begin seeing new Suggestions about people with whom you are already friends, including those who are new to the site. For instance, we may suggest that you help a friend by suggesting friends for him if he’s only connected with a few people so far.

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