WordPress.com Video Contest: Giving Thanks

November 24, 2009

Announcing our first-ever video contest, brought to you by turkey, stuffing, and that gelatinous stuff that grandma calls cranberry sauce. Yes, that’s American Thanksgiving. Appropriate to the occasion, the topic is giving thanks.

While it’s inspired by the holiday, it’s in no way limited to residents of the U.S. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Jakarta or Johannesburg, you’re invited to take stock of all that you’re thankful for, and share it with the WordPress community through video.

To enter the contest, embed your video in a blog post tagged with ThanksgivingContest09, any time betweenNovember 23 and 27. We’ll announce the winners the following week.

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Community colleges missing the social media boat

November 17, 2009

If a justification is necessary, just look to the budgeting process. Public community colleges face the same risks as other taxpayer-funded organizations and institutions (such as NASA). Free tools to enhance the educational experience, when not used, are the equivalent of flushing budget dollars. And, the fact that these tools easily engage students outside the classroom increases the odds of success.

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A Blog Near You

November 17, 2009

During the Automattic company meetup, Team 21* holed up in a cottage outside Québec to create a new set of features for a blog near you (literally!). Have you ever wondered where in the world a blog post was written? Where a commenter was located? If there were other WordPress.com bloggers near you? If so, hold on to your hat, because you’re going to love the geotagging and geolocation features we’re introducing.

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Evolution of the Cell Phone

November 11, 2009

Cell phones have become a lot smaller over the years, but they’re bigger than ever in functionality and popularity. Here’s a look at how the mobile phone has changed over the decades.


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Happy Birthday Firefox

November 10, 2009

November 9th 2009 is Firefox’s fifth birthday. Firefox and WordPress have grown up next to each other so we’ve always felt a brethren spirit with their team as we work toward the same goal, making the web a better place, from opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Installing WordPress with FTP

November 8, 2009


Installing WordPress with FTP

PHP Video Tutorial – (6)

November 7, 2009

Welcome to the 6th tutorial, in this tutorial you will learn, Boolean in PHP, NULL in PHP, Contestant in PHP and Operator in PHP.

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Boolean in PHP

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