What Are Dynamic Web Sites

Dynamic Web sites are flexible and potent creatures, more accurately described as applications than merely sites.

Dynamic Web sites:


  • Respond to diffrent parameters (for example, the time of day or version of the visitors web browser)
  • Have a “memory”, allowing for user registeration and login, e-commerce, and similar processes
  • Almost always have HTML forms, so that people can preform searches, provide feedback, and so forth
  • Often have an interface where adminstrators can manage the site’s content 
  • Are easier to maintain, upgrade, and build upon than statically made sites   
There are manay technologies available for creating a dynamic Web sites. The most common are ASP.NET (Active Server Pages, a Microsoft construct), JSP (Java Server Pages), ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. Dynamic Web sites don’t always rely on database, but more and more of them do, particularly as excellent database applications like MySQL are available at little to no cost. 

2 Responses to What Are Dynamic Web Sites

  1. jwanleo says:

    nice ,, continue in php series !

  2. joker400 says:

    thanks man, part two of the tutorial will coming soon …

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